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Ridge Gourd Seeds

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Everything you need to know about Ridge Gourd plants

The Ridge gourd plant belongs to the cucumber family and is a popular green vegetable that is locally also known as “Turai” in Hindi, “Beerakaya” in Telugu, and “Jhinge” in Bengali. There are two types of ridge gourd hybrid varieties, one that has a smooth surface while the other one has a ridged surface. The fleshy green vegetable has a bland taste and is also widely used in Indian cooking. Pakoras, raita, dal, chutney, and sambhar are some of the regular dishes prepared with it, after being properly seasoned with spices, to enhance their flavours.

Ridge gourds are loaded with health benefits despite not appealing to many people's taste buds. Dietary fibre, water content, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B6 are among its many essential components. Hybrid ridge gourd seeds like F-1 Hybrid US-495 Ridge Gourd Seeds, F-1 Hybrid US-395 Ridge Gourd Seeds, F-1 Hybrid US-372 Ridge Gourd Seeds, F-1 Hybrid US-595 Ridge Gourd Seeds, F-1 Hybrid US-472 Ridge Gourd Seeds are naturally low-calorie food, low in fat, calorie content, and even cholesterol. The plant also contains antioxidants and alkaloids components which are found to be helpful in reducing toxins in the body and the metabolism. Jaipur Long Ridge Gourd seeds are also very popular in Indian kitchen gardens because of its numerous health benefits.

Below listed are some health benefits of turai seeds:

1. Help reduce inflammation:If the leaves of the ridge gourd are applied externally, they can reduce inflammation very effectively. In addition to reducing interior inflammation and calming coughs, the vegetable can decrease swelling in the lymph glands of the body.
2. Improves eyesight: Ridge gourd seeds contain significant amounts of vitamin A that contribute to improving vision even at a later age. As well, these vitamins help prevent macular degeneration, partial blindness, and other eye ailments.
3. Can help to reduce weight: Moreover, the dietary fibre in turai takes time to be absorbed in the body, so it helps you stay full for an adequate amount of time. Furthermore, this vegetable is low in calories and high in water content making it a perfect food item to be consumed when following a weight loss diet.
4. Good for diabetes patients:Ridge gourd is low in calories and contains antioxidants, which makes it an ideal choice for people with diabetes.It also helps to control blood sugar levels because it is hypoglycemic.

Buy best ridge gourd seeds online at reasonable prices from Urja Seeds

Our easy guide provides you step by step process information about how to grow ridge gourd seeds. So if you are planning to grow this vegetable in your home garden you have landed at the right place: Make sure you follow all the points so the seeds can be germinated successfully.
1. Sow your seeds into the pot by making a hole around 16 inch diameter and 10 inches deep. It's very important to provide care to little seeds so they grow to their best later.
2. Use a potting mix that is 2 part garden soil, 1 organic manure, 1 part coco peat and 1 part and 1 part vermicompost.
3. You can also make small depressions in the potting mix then put your seeds into it and cover using coco peat.
4. Water the seeds lightly after sowing them.
5. Place the plant at a place where it can receive full sunlight and you should provide water to it daily.
6. Make sure you give the plant enough space to grow since ridge gourd plants are aggressive climbers.
7. They will germinate in 6-8 days and can be harvested after three months from sowing them which can continue for the next 3 months.

Other important points to be noted:

1. The best season to grow ridge gourd is the summer season since it is a hot weather crop.
2. Provide regular water during the summer months, once in two to three days in winter and rainy season.
3. Apply neem oil in order to prevent the plant from being affected by various diseases.
4. Provide enough sunlight to the plant since it will not grow successfully in less sunlight.

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Q1) How long does it take for ridge gourd seeds to grow?

Ans: The seeds would germinate in 5-8 days and you will start noticing tiny sprouts growing during this stage. Make sure the soil is moist during this stage. Preparing the best soil for seeds is very important.

Q2) How to take care of ridge gourd seedlings?

Ans: As this plant grows in full sunlight the soil can dry out fast and therefore requires a lot of water. Ensure evenly moist soil for fast and successful growth.

Q3) Is it necessary to soak ridge gourd seeds before planting in soil?

Ans: Yes, soaking ridge gourd seeds before planting can be very helpful. It aids in faster germination.
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