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Pea Seeds (Matar)

We at URJA believe in providing best quality seeds at the most affordable prices. We encourage people to grow their own vegetables in their backyards / kitchen gardens so as to enjoy the fresh and chemical free food!!!

Happy sowing, growing and eating!

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Growing high quality and chemical free veggies at home.

Growing veggies at home is a wise move that offers several advantages. Growing your own veggies in your yard will first and foremost assure the entire safety of your meals. When you produce herbs and unusual vegetables at home, you know precisely what ingredients are in them. Aside from eating fresh organic food, your cultivated vegetables and herbs will be healthier and more flavorful, adding true value to your diet.

Pea is a good vegetable to start with if you're new to gardening. Check out high quality green peas seeds at Urja Seeds if you want to purchase matar seeds online.

Growing Peas At Home

Peas is a seasonal crop and has beautiful blooms. Germinating peas at home is simple. Pea seeds should be sown in the coolest place during the summer or spring months in order for the pea to be harvested at the correct time. There are many different varieties of matar seeds from which to pick.

The vegetable may be roasted and consumed in a variety of ways. It is high in vitamin K, vitamin, vitamin A, calcium, and fibre. Peas may grow in a variety of soil types, but it must be sufficiently nourished. The grains should be planted 1 inch below the ground in rows 3 feet apart. If the little seeds are not properly cared for, the plants may become yellow, resulting in unexpected results. You can compare green peas seeds online to get the best deals. Use hybrid pea seeds for the greatest results. There are exotic vegetables that you can grow at home too.

Pea is an extremely nutritious meal that should be taken on a daily basis. pea has a lot of health advantages and is a low-calorie meal. People of all ages can benefit from the protein and minerals included in pea. Take good care of the blossoms while developing the plant so that it blooms into a delicious pea. Take good care of your plants, just like you would your children, to ensure that seeds germinate effectively. You may check for pea seeds price to get a low-cost choice for your kitchen garden.

Why should you buy seeds from Urja seeds online?

We at Urja Seeds sell high-quality agricultural seeds online to liven up your garden.

We also provide a vast assortment of flower seeds to create a beautiful flower garden. You can also purchase vegetable seeds online like ash gourd seeds, beans seeds, kakri (long melon) seeds, sponge gourd seeds, onion seeds and many more from Urja Seeds to adorn your landscape and add a personal touch with a variety of vibrant blossoms. We also sell exotic seeds online and microgreen seeds online for your garden.


Q1) Is it compulsory to dry pea seeds before planting?

Ans: No, Dry pea seed is severely wrinkled, but soaking them in water plumps them up immediately. It is also known that green pea seeds require water to absorb before the germination process can begin. Soaking peas before planting is a good idea.

Q2) What are the reasons for pea seeds not germinating?

Ans: Below are some reasons for pea seeds online not germinating:
1) The Wrong Temperature
2) Planting Depth Is Incorrect
3)Seed Storage and Age

Q3) Can a pea seed grow without water?

Ans: Green pea seeds online that demand a lot of moisture before germinating—soaking your pea seeds before planting is an excellent way to give them a head start. If you soak those pea seeds for around 12 hours, they will be soft and wet, ready to sprout and flourish straight away
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