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Call it muskmelon seeds, melon seeds, or kharbuje ke beej, they all provide some amazing health benefits!

The summer season calls for some delicious and juicy fruits such as watermelon, mangoes, and muskmelon. Muskmelon is a yellow fruit that tastes sweet and has a lovely aroma. Muskmelon seeds in Hindi are known as kharbooja seeds. Muskmelon seeds usually grow in hotter temperatures around 25 to 35 degrees, since they are hot season crops and require a lot of sunlight. It's very important to sow the seeds with the right gardening tools so they get optimum nutrients as required. A loose, loamy soil is best for muskmelon seeds to grow with some amount of compost. Soil really plays an important role and one must prepare nutritious soil for seeds to grow at its best.

Its high water content makes it a famous fruit for keeping our body hydrated all day long. It is not only a refreshing morning fruit but also an amazing nutritional source. Muskmelon has also been found to be beneficial for our skin when applied. Its skin and seed can be mixed together to make a face pack that can help prevent dryness, wrinkles, blemishes, etc. People have been practising this free beauty service for ages and have been enjoying its tremendous benefits. So why waste time and money on expensive beauty products for flawless skin and dieticians for a good body? When you can achieve all of it by simply including muskmelon seeds in your daily routine.

A lot of people throw away the kharbuja seeds without knowing their awesome benefits. These seeds are packed with health benefits that can be extremely beneficial for your various body parts like bones, hair, nail, skin, etc. At Urja seeds we provide you with the best quality of vegetable seeds, and exotic seeds online in India. Here you can buy muskmelon seeds online that you can either simply add to your diet or use for melon planting in your home garden! Above all is that one must take lots of care of seedlings and then only these little seeds can give you high yield as expected.

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Muskmelon seeds have dozens of health benefits that can be useful for your overall body. It is good for skin, bones, nails, and hair. Check out a few of the amazing benefits of kharbuja beej:
1.Boost immunity: Muskmelon seeds have vitamin C which increases the production of white blood cells leading to stronger immunity.
2.Good for the eyes: The seeds are rich in vitamin A and beta carotene that sharpens eyesight and also reduces the probability of developing cataracts.
3.Relieve stress: By making your brain tissues calm and relaxed through the help of increased oxygen flow to your brain, these seeds are successful in relieving stress.
4.Have a healthy heart: Omega-3 fatty acids are present in huge amounts in the muskmelon seeds which ensure consistent and proper functional activity of heart vessels and muscles.
5.Lower your blood pressure: The seeds are rich in potassium which is known to help reduce our blood pressure and therefore keep our heart healthy.
6.Good for pregnant women: Folate in these seeds is present in a good amount which removes excess sodium, thereby helping pregnant women reduce water retention.
7.Beneficial for digestion problems and acidity: For those who suffer from acid reflux issues or other stomach discomfort, muskmelon seeds are a blessing because of their neutral pH.
8.Strong bones: Muskmelon seeds contain calcium that is beneficial to your bones and teeth. They also improve bone density.
9.Keep away summer cold: During the summer months, Muskmelon seeds help to keep summer colds and coughs at bay. They remove excess phlegm in the body as well as aid in clearing congestion.

At Urja Seeds we provide two types of muskmelon seeds, Muskmelon seeds F-1 hybrid US-111 and Muskmelon seeds Kajri. Urja Seeds is India’s most trusted and famous store to get ingredients for a home garden online.

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Q1) How to take care of muskmelon seedlings?

Ans: You can take care of muskmelon seedlings by keeping them well-watered all time. Feed them with high potash liquid plant food once a week. Also, make sure to maintain moisture all time.

Q2) Is it necessary to soak muskmelon seeds before planting?

Ans: Usually, it is best to soak your muskmelon seeds in warm water (40-50C) for around two hours. Also, you can soak the soil or ground heavily before you start planting.

Q3) How to use muskmelon seeds?

Ans: Usually, people get rid of the muskmelon seeds, without being aware of their numerous benefits. Take a look at these diverse ways in which you can use muskmelon seeds:
1. Eat them raw
2. Add in salads
3. Use in gravies, soups, and stews.
4. Face pack
5. Add to fruit servings
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