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Kakri Seeds (Long Melon)

We at URJA believe in providing best quality seeds at the most affordable prices. We encourage people to grow their own vegetables in their backyards / kitchen gardens so as to enjoy the fresh and chemical free food!!!

Happy sowing, growing and eating!

Kakri Grown In your Garden Is High in Nutrients

Are you tired of filling your supermarket bags with shriveled, frozen veggies labeled 'organic'? You are most absolutely not alone. In search of fresh, organic produce, city dwellers are sometimes forced to settle for pricey and mediocre veggies, green vegetables, and fruits from markets or various grocery delivery apps.

But there is a simple remedy. Why not try your hand at growing your own vegetables? Before you disregard the notion because you're afraid of having a 'brown thumb,' here are some simple tricks for starting your own vegetable garden. All you need are some pots, potting soil, seeds or saplings, and some time.

Urja Seeds sells high-quality Kakri seeds.

Raising a vegetable garden at home is a simple method to protect your wealth, keep productive, and have access to different vegetables, fruits, herbs, and sauces. Homegrown vegetables are exceptionally tasty and fresh. More of your favorite veggies may be easily produced at home. The vegetables cultivated in the garden are safe to consume because no harsh pesticides or insecticides are used during the process. You can simply cultivate the plant by looking up the kakri seeds price. While you're looking at hybrid kakri seeds online, don't forget to look at the long melon kakri seeds. One can try various tips to revamp vegetable garden so to have better yield.

Gardening is a natural, ecologically friendly activity. It not only keeps the environment clean, but it also provides you with a healthy and active lifestyle. Working out is equivalent to completing all of your gardening responsibilities. Urja seeds give the best quality and most nutritious seeds, allowing you to unleash your inner gardener and create your dream home garden. Our expertise is in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality seeds. Using Urja Seeds' large assortment of high-yielding vegetable seeds, you can grow your vegetables. You may find the best kakri long seeds in India right here. To ensure that seeds germinate efficiently, treat your plants like you would your children. Check kakri seeds price to find a low-cost option for your kitchen garden.

Why should you buy seeds from Urja seeds online?

Urja Seeds sells excellent yielding kakri seeds online along with chilli seeds, cauliflower seeds, onion seeds, sponge gourd seeds, round gourd (tinda) seeds and many more. We are the best location to buy a wide choice of seeds online, including vegetable seeds, flower seeds, exotic seeds, and micro green seeds, all at reasonable prices. We assure quality so that our consumers get the most out from hybrid vegetable seeds online.


Q1) How much time do kakri seeds take to germinate?

Ans: Within the first 6-8 days, seeds will germinate and little shoots will appear. In the second week of germination, the first two leaves will appear. These are cotyledons, or fake leaves. At the end of the second week, the first leaves will appear above the cotyledons. Seedlings will begin to develop into tiny plants during the second week. After the second week, retain only a single seedling in the same location. With a pair of scissors, cut off the weak, tiny, and lagging plants.

Q2) Is it necessary to soak kakri seeds before sowing?

Ans: Most seeds should be soaked for 12 to 24 hours and no longer than 48 hours. Some plant species' seeds may withstand extended soakings, but only if the particular instructions for this species recommend it. After soaking your seeds, plant them as indicated. Soaking seeds before planting has the advantage of reducing germination time, which means you can have happy, developing plants sooner.

Q3) What are the reasons kakri seeds didn't germinate?

Ans: There could be many different factors responsible for hybrid kakri seeds not germinating. Some of them are listed below:
1) Improper Soil Temperature
2) Inadequate Watering
3) Old Seeds
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