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We at URJA believe in providing best quality seeds at the most affordable prices. We encourage people to grow their own vegetables in their backyards / kitchen gardens so as to enjoy the fresh and chemical free food!!!

Happy sowing, growing and eating!

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Capsicum grown at home is nutritious

Raising a vegetable garden at home is a simple way to safeguard your wealth, stay effective, and have new veggies, fruits, herbs, and sauces at your disposal. Homegrown veggies are incredibly flavorful and fresh. More of your favorite veggies may be easily produced at home. Because no harsh pesticides or insecticides are required throughout the procedure, the veggies grown in the garden are safe to eat. You may check for capsicum seeds price to grow the plant easily. Don't forget to look at the hybrid capsicum seeds online while you're browsing the options. One can grow unique purple capsicum at home easily and have them in your meal. It's very healthy too.

Buy Best Quality Capsicum Seeds Online from Urja Seeds

Vegetables are quite easy to cultivate in sunny locations. A vegetable garden does not require a large yard to be built. Even the smallest piece of land may be transformed into a thick, thriving yard. Apart from providing us with tasty and healthful vegetables, plants provide us with a plethora of other benefits. They increase the atmosphere of the home while also saving money. Consuming chemical-free and fresh veggies grown in your own garden might improve your health by providing antioxidants and vitamins.

Gardening is naturally environmentally friendly. It not only maintains the environment clean, but it also offers you a healthy and fit lifestyle. Completing all of your gardening tasks is analogous to working out. Urja seeds provide the highest quality and most nutritious seeds to let you release your inner gardener and develop your ideal garden in your home. Our competence is in the production and distribution of high-quality seeds. You can cultivate your own veggies using Urja Seeds' extensive selection of high-yielding vegetable seeds. Here you will get the finest capsicum seeds online in India.

Growing capsicums is by far the most cost-effective approach to ensure a plentiful supply of fresh, juicy bell peppers for your pizzas and burgers. If you don't have much room but want to start a kitchen garden, bell peppers should make a great addition. But before that one must know that seeds require utmost care so they can give high yield vegetables.Growing chiles or capsicum in pots is a simple task with a little room, a nice and strong container, adequate fertilizing, and mulching. Capsicum is typically a warm-weather vegetable crop; thus, if you live in a location where sunshine is scarce, growing them in containers is the best alternative. It's as simple to grow capsicum in a pot as it is to eat chocolate. Check for shimla mirch seeds price on Urja Seeds.

Why should you buy seeds from Urja seeds online?

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Q1) Is it possible to grow capsicum from their seeds?

Ans: Fully mature bell peppers, which are normally just past the ideal eating stage of maturity, yield viable seed. Pick the peppers when the skins begin to wrinkle and the peppers have reached their full colour. Cut the pepper open and shake the seeds out of the fruit into a basin. Unless you want to plant them right away, the capsicum seedlings will need to dry for a week or two before they can be stored. Spread them out on paper plates in a single layer and allow them to dry entirely in a warm, dark, and dry environment. If you aren't preserving your shimla mirch seeds, you can plant them immediately away in containers.

Q2) What is the time period for capsicum seeds to germinate?

Ans: The plant requires full sun to grow. It takes 3-4 days for the shimla mirch hybrid seeds to germinate.

Q3) What if capsicum seeds don't germinate?

Ans: There could be many different factors responsible for hybrid capsicum seeds not germinating. Some of then are listed below:
1) Improper Soil Temperature
2) Inadequate Watering
3) Old Seeds
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