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Growing Brinjal Seeds at Home is Easy now

Roasted Brinjal cooked with spices or baigan ka bharta (cooked with spices and condiments) is an absolute favourite of a majority of Indians.The smoky flavour of this dish imparts a distinct aroma and of course a distinct taste to it. It is relished with flat bread and in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, it is served with the characteristic and the most cherished delicacy of the region, the famous 'litti'. Not just this, many other delicacies such as bharwan baingan ( Brinjal stuffed and cooked with spices), begun bhaja too are made up of Brinjal and are cherished all over India.

Brinjal, scientifically called Solanum melongena, is grown worldwide for its edible fruit. Being an essential part of Indian cuisine, it finds its use in a variety of delicacies in combination with other veggies and many times,it is enjoyed alone as well. It is also known as eggplant because of its egg shape which is assumed by it when it grows on trees. Apart from being a lip smacking veggie,it also has numerous health benefits such as:
  • Good for diabetes as it has a low glycemic index
  • Low in calories
  • Fibre enriched- helps improve digestion
  • Prevention of Anaemia
  • Antioxidant
  • May inhibit skin cancer
So, how about growing eggplant in your home garden? Today, we'll be guiding your way through:

Brinjal Seeds Varieties

To begin with, Eggplant seeds require fertile and a well drained soil for optimal growth.And yes,they take as long as 100-150 days to harvest if you are using Brinjal seeds and about 70-88 days if you are growing it from transplants.Just like any other veggie, Brinjal seeds too are found in many varieties,some of the best brinjal seeds (varieties) are:
  • Brinjal Pusa purple long- produces excellent yield.particularly in Northern climatic conditions
  • Desi Brinjal seeds-fruits range from round oval in shape and purple to green in colour, shows great diversity
  • F1 hybrid brinjal seeds- produces erect medium plant and oval shaped fruits
  • Brinjal Pusa purple long seeds- early maturing and long fruits brinjal, ideal for spring and autumn season planting
  • Green brinjal seeds- high in fiber and prevents colon cancer
  • Brinjal Pusa purple round- very tall plant with thick stems and round fruits.

Eggplants Seeds sowing at your home

Brinjal seeds require a hot growing season of 5 months. Brinjal seeds will take somewhere between 2-3 weeks for successful germination of seeds. The seeds of Brinjal require ample spacing of about 50-60 cms.You can expect your brinjal seeds to produce fruit after a period of 3-4 months.Ehike the germination of brinjal seeds takes about 2-3 weeks.

Another point to be taken care of is that, while harvesting brinjals, you should harvest carefully when their skin is firm,for this you can do a small manual test,just slightly push the surface of skin of brinjal.If the indentation made by your finger does not bounce back to initial position only then the brinjal is considered to be ripe. But if you leave brinjal on the plant for long,then it might give a bitter taste.

About Urja seeds

At Urja seeds,we provide one of the finest brinjal seeds online at quite affordable prices. Our products are carefully selected and we sell hybrid brinjal varieties as well. Apart from selling baigan seeds,we also sell micro green seeds, vegetable seeds like tomato seeds, cabbage seeds, ash gourd seeds, beans seeds, kakri (long melon) seeds and many others along with flower seeds and exotic seeds. We provide agricultural seeds online of high yielding and good quality. So start with your home garden now, It's easy though.


Q1) How long does it take for brinjal seeds to grow?

Ans: Brinjal seeds will take about 2-3 weeks for germination and 3-4 months for harvest.

Q2) How much time do Brinjal seeds take to germinate?

Ans: Brinjal seeds take 2-3 weeks to germinate.

Q3) Is it necessary to soak brinjal seeds before planting them in soil?

Ans: Not necessary,but pre-soaked brinjal seeds require a shorter time for germination.
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