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Bottle Gourd Seeds

We at URJA believe in providing best quality seeds at the most affordable prices. We encourage people to grow their own vegetables in their backyards / kitchen gardens so as to enjoy the fresh and chemical free food!!!


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Grow Healthy and Tasty Bottle Gourds at Home with Urja Seeds

The Bottle Gourd, also known as Lauki, is a delicious vegetable that may be sliced, boiled and eaten in various recipes of Indian cuisine. It is rich in calcium, vitamin C and K too. Eating them on a regular basis ensures a healthy heart and lowers cholesterol levels also. Its juice helps diabetes patients to have stable sugar levels and maintains blood pressure too.

By growing your own plant from the bottle gourd seeds by Urja, you can ensure that your salads are fresh and nutritious, unlike the grocery store-bought bottle gourds that reach you after days. Bottle Gourd seed gardening at home also helps you do your bit for the planet, by not using chemicals or pesticides that can harm the environment. Other benefits of growing your own bottle gourd vegetable include saving money on groceries and being less wasteful.

Why Trust Urja Seeds?

Buy high-quality wholesale seeds online from Urja Seeds to brighten up your yard. Using Urja Seeds' extensive selection of high-yielding vegetable seeds, you can cultivate your veggies.

We also provide a large selection of flower seeds if you wish to build a lovely flower garden. You can also acquire hybrid flower seeds online from Urja Seeds to embellish your garden and give it a personal touch with various bright blooms. For your garden, we also provide exotic seeds and microgreen seeds online.
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