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All you need to know about bitter gourd plant

The bitter gourd is known with different names such as bitter melon, bitter apple, bitter squash, and balsam pear. In India, it is famous by the name of karela. This green colored vegetable with white flesh belongs to the gourd family and is related to pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, and squash. It is widely used across the world as an ingredient in many Asian cuisines.

Bitter gourd tastes sharp. It has also been responsible for providing numerous health benefits. There are many bitter gourd varieties however two of the most common are Indian bitter gourd and Chinese bitter gourd. The Indian karela seeds usually end up growing narrow with pointed ends that have rough, jagged edges on the rind while the Chinese bitter gourd seeds grow with bumpy skin and are similar to a pale green cucumber. The different types of bitter gourd seeds like F-1 Hybrid US 555 Bitter Gourd Seeds, Jhalri Supreme Bitter Gourd Seeds, F-1 Hybrid US 444 Bitter Gourd Seeds, F-1 Hybrid US 8848 Bitter Gourd Seeds, Green Long Special Bitter Gourd Seeds, F-1 Hybrid US 5553 Bitter Gourd Seeds and F-1 Hybrid Pure Green Bitter Gourd Seeds are usually distinct in their visual appearance, however, most of them are similar in taste and the health benefits they provide.

Here are some benefits of consuming bitter gourd:

1. Aids in reducing sugar:Bitter gourd has been widely used across the world to treat diabetes related issues. It has been said to improve the activity of sugar in your tissues and promote the secretion of insulin which is a hormone that helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.
2. Can help in weight loss: Despite its low calorie content, bitter melon is high in fibre. Studies in both humans and animals have found that bitter gourd extract can help reduce belly fat and body weight as well.
3. Could reduce cholesterol levels: High levels of cholesterol can be very threatening for your heart as it increases the risk of heart diseases. Based on a few animal studies, researchers have concluded that the extract of bitter gourd may play a role in reducing cholesterol levels in your body which can be beneficial for your body’s health.

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If you are planning to grow a bitter gourd plant in your home garden, our simple guide is going to help you do it successfully.

Read on these simple steps for an easy planting:

1. Place your bitter gourd seeds by making a hole of around 1 inch in the potting mix.It is very essential to take care of seeds else they will not germinate as desired.
2. Water the plant while it germinates.
3. Transfer them to a pot or to land once they are 5 inches long.
4. Choose a pot that gives sufficient space for the plant to grow. Around 20 inches in depth and width.
5. Since bitter gourd is a creeping plant you will have to place a fence or stick around it to provide support to the plant while it grows.
6. In approximately 3-4 months from the time of sowing Bitter, gourds/bitter melons/karela will be ready for harvest. Pluck or remove the fruits when they are around 10-15 centimetres tall.

Conditions to grow healthy bitter gourd plant:

1.Watering: To ensure the plant doesn’t dry up it is necessary to water daily and if needed twice a day during summer.
2.Soil: Use coco peat since it does not require you to add on fertiliser or compost and will also maintain moisture for a good amount of time. It's very important to have the best soil for these little seeds so they get maximum nutrition required for high yield at the end.
3.Trimming: After sprouting you need to trim the tips because this plant produces flowers quickly and in large amounts.

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Q1) How much time do bitter gourd seeds take to germinate?

Ans: It would take around 8-10 days for the bitter gourd seeds to germinate successfully.

Q2) Is it necessary to soak bitter gourd seeds before sowing?

Ans: While it is not necessary to soak the bitter gourd seeds before sowing, it is highly recommended to do so if you are looking for quick results. Soaking the seeds will help them to grow faster.

Q3) What are the reasons bitter gourd seeds didn't germinate?

Ans: Reasons why bitter gourd seeds didn’t germinate, would be that you have not provided a high and hotter temperature to the seeds. Also not providing enough water to the seeds can also be another reason.
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