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Beet Root Seeds

We at URJA believe in providing best quality seeds at the most affordable prices. We encourage people to grow their own vegetables in their backyards / kitchen gardens so as to enjoy the fresh and chemical free food!!!

Happy sowing, growing and eating!

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Beetroot - For Your Next Planting Session

Planting from scratch might sound like a taxing process for many but when you get to enjoy the benefits of the sweet fruit (or vegetable) you have nurtured, it is an exhilarating feeling. No matter if it is a flowering plant or a fruit or a vegetable, we partake in the process of reaping the rewards of both. Gardening to some is a very therapeutic process. It is also a good way to channel your energy in the right way and have control over it.

Plants and seeds of certain plants have some very vital elements that when extracted can be used in efficient ways. Beetroot plant is one of the many that holds a variety of benefits that you must reckon growing this plant and including it in your daily diet. Whether you have been gardening for years or are just starting out, the beet plant is an easy one to take care of. Beetroot plants are versatile and can be grown all year round in the Indian climate. However, to attain the best yield, it is advised to sow beetroot seeds in the cooler climate. Unlike some vegetables, the seeds of beetroot are not edible.

For beetroot growing, choose a spot that you want the plant to grow in and sow the beet seeds there. Like most other plants, ensure you soak the seeds of beetroot in water overnight or for at least 8-12 hours per se. Seeds are soaked in water before planting to give them a head start. It also helps the shells of the seeds to soften and retain the moisture around the seed which aids in the growing process.

The plant can be harvested at approximately 2 months from when it was sown. There are some harvesting tips for your vegetable garden like one should not allow vegetables to overgrow, use proper tools and many more which one must know to have the best yield. The best size to harvest is when the beet plant matches the size of a golf ball as the colour, texture and flavour are the best you’ll get. You can store them for 2 weeks at the most for consumption in a cold place that has enough moisture.

Why Choose To Plant Beetroot Seeds?

Not only are these vegetables vibrant in colour, they are also packed with a lot of nutrients. They are low in calories and rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs so you can eat them everyday without any worries. There are so many ways to incorporate beetroot plants in your diets like salads, soups, hummus etc. They keep your blood pressure in check and also have anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in fighting off inflammation.

Having beetroot juice every day is considered very healthy for many parts of the body. To have healthy and fresh beetroot juice daily, add beetroot seeds in your garden space so that you can have it whenever you want it. You can order your beetroot seeds online, so you don't have to hassle shopping for them. You can also have beetroot parathas in your morning breakfast and various other delicious recipes. In short, Beetroot can do wonders to your body, so add beetroot seedlings to your garden for a healthier diet; healthier life. It's easy to start your own kitchen garden. One must know some plant health hacks also for good results. Also, growing beetroot is an easy peasy task; it will not require a lot of your time and effort.

Since this plant is easier to grow and care for, this makes a great option to pick for your nursery or home garden. So, when you plan on rounding up your garden for the next batch of planting session, consider the beet microgreen as one of your options. As for where to get the seed from, fret not. We are here to take care of that part for you. Find beetroot seeds online at our website delivered to your doorstep, hassle-free.

These days, you’ll find beetroot varieties to pick from based on your preferences. We at Urja seeds provide you with the chukandar seeds that are the hybrid beetroot seeds of this variety. These beetroot seedlings will yield some great results adding to its aforementioned benefits. The process of beetroot plant growing is fairly easy and you don’t need to worry too much except for ensuring and supervising the plant’s best conditions from time to time. The best beetroot seeds will only produce the best results.

About Urja Seeds

At Urja Seeds, customer satisfaction is our top most priority. Hence, we provide you with the most premium services of good quality seeds that are authentic and yield the best results. Check out our collection of seeds online and find the one you are looking for. We have it all - vegetable seeds like summer squash seeds, capsicum seeds, pea seeds, bitter gourd (karela) seeds, ridge gourd (turai) seeds and many more seeds along with flower seeds, microgreen seeds and exotic seeds ready to be delivered to you at your doorstep no matter where you reside. Gear up your garden and plant the next batch soon.


Q1) How long does it take for beetroot seeds to grow?

Ans: The beetroot seedlings start to germinate at around a fortnight and the plant can be harvested two months from planting.

Q2) How to take care of beetroot seedlings?

Ans: To take care of seedlings, remove any weeds, stones and other materials from the growing plant and water it every 7-14 days (only if it is a dry climate). During the rainy season, you need not water them.

Q3) Is it necessary to soak beetroot seeds before planting in soil?

Ans: Yes, because soaking the seeds in water helps boost the growth process of the plant by keeping the moisture around the seeds retained.
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