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Ash Gourd Seeds

We at URJA believe in providing best quality seeds at the most affordable prices. We encourage people to grow their own vegetables in their backyards / kitchen gardens so as to enjoy the fresh and chemical free food!!!

Happy sowing, growing and eating!

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Seeds are a very crucial part of our life. They possess high protein, starch and oil reserves that support the early stages of maturation and development in a plant. The whole food system is based on seeds. Seeds make our lives more comfortable and better in multiple ways. They are allergy-safe, low in fat, and extremely versatile. If you are looking for the right seeds to help you in building a garden of your own, then you hit the right place. Welcome to Urja seeds! We present you with an exquisite collection of seeds ranging from vegetable seeds, flower seeds, hybrid flower seeds, exotic vegetable seeds and micro green seeds online.

We’ll Take Care Of Your ash gourd seed Needs at Urja seeds

Vegetables are so convenient to grow in sunny sites. You do not need an enormous yard to construct a vegetable garden. Even the tiniest slice of an area can be converted into a dense, booming yard. Plants offer numerous benefits apart from giving us delicious and healthy veggies. They improve the aura of the house and save money. Consuming chemical free and fresh vegetables of your own constructed garden can promote better health, including antioxidants and vitamins. Gardening is inherently eco-friendly. It not only keeps nature clean but promises a healthy and fit lifestyle to you. Completing all your gardening activities is similar to working out. Urja seeds bring out the best in quality and the most nourishing seeds to unleash your inner gardener and grow your dream garden in your abode. Our expertise lies in producing and supplying premium quality seeds. You can grow your vegetables with our wide range of highly productive vegetable seeds online from Urja Seeds. You will get the best ash gourd seeds online in India here along with other seeds like capsicum seeds, beans seeds, onion seeds, cauliflower seeds, round gourd (tinda) seeds and many more.

Recognized as a wax gourd, winter melon across the globe, ash gourd is used extensively in Indian, Chinese, Cambodian and Vietnamese cuisines. Ash Gourd can be easily grown at home. Ash gourd seeds benefits are too many to be counted on fingers. The Ayurveda therapeutic system acknowledges that ash gourds have tremendous medicinal effects. They are used to cure fever, dysentery, and other illnesses. Ash gourds are useful in aiding weight loss owing to their high fibre and low-fat content. Since the vegetable is made of water majorly, it is digested with comfort. thereby, relieving constipation and bloating. Those who suffer from anemia and body weakness can consume these in improving their medical conditions. One should add ash gourds to their meal recipes for a healthy twist. consumption of ash gourds will boost your skin quality. So why wait? Buy ash gourd seeds online with the Seed Experts. Apart from ash gourds, there are many exotic vegetables which one can grow easily.

We Make Your Dream Garden Come True

Offering free delivery on orders above ₹500 and doorstep delivery for all orders, Urja seeds are gaining popularity amongst budding gardeners. You dream it, and we have it. Browse through our expansive range of products to avail the best ones most suitable to your needs. One can try growing purple capsicum also at home.


Q1) Which is the season in which ash gourd is grown?

Ans:It is sown twice a year, in February-March and June-July.

Q2) What is the time period for ash gourd seeds to germinate?

Ans:If all the conditions are favourable, Ash Gourd seeds generally take 5 to 10 days to germinate from seeding

Q3) How to use ash gourd seeds?

Ans:Apart from producing ash gourd, its seeds can be eaten after deep frying. They help to relieve insomnia, improve skin and hair quality and ease digestion
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